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IFULA is an Nguni word meaning “silo”. IFULA is well- placed to enable emerging & commercial farmers to provide food security to the Middle East, particularly during Hajj and Umrah religious events and Eid al-Fitr.

Our Vision

To optimise agricultural potential by producing affordable quality food and to sustain a balanced dietary need for global populations.

Our Mission

To build sustainable holistic agricultural models for commercial, urban and subsistence farming and transfer “know how” and skill sets across the whole agricultural supply or value chain.

Our Philosophy

Is to farm Gods way by synergising with nature to protect the natural elements and to leave a Kingdom legacy where ever we operate.

Investing in Farming

The African Continental Free Trade Area has been established, which will make trade on the continent easier than ever before. There has also been a growth in the middle class in Africa which means that there are new markets for your products. Combine this with the explosion of technology on the continent and its impact on agriculture and there is no wonder that now is the time to invest.

IFULA’s Exports of Live Animals & Animal Products in South Africa increased to 1151.29 ZAR Million in June 2020. The growing market of live, mass export is dominated by Australia. Farmers report that the export opportunity can have a massive positive impact in SA, and set it up as a serious competitor to Australia. If sheep can be reliably shipped to the Middle East, local farmers believe, hundreds of thousands of extra animals could be sold per year without undermining local prices.

Sustainable Land Management Technologies & Practice

  • Lower / Reduced Input Costs (Fertilizer, Herbicides & Insecticides)
  • Reduced Tillage Costs
  • Increased Soil Fertility
  • Increased Yields (50-100%)
  • Increased Crop & Livestock Nutrition
  • Improved Soil Tilth & Water Retention Attributes
  • Increased Crop Quality
  • Increased Profitability


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